Senior Week Essentials

Senior Week is among us FINALLY!

I don’t know about you guys but I have been waiting for this week since freshman year. After these past four years, I am finally ready to not have a single paper, presentation, or grade to worry about! I am #free!! Here are some of my essentials I will be bringing back into those freshman dorms!


1. Gatorade

         After all of those late nights, my body will be craving all of the electrolytes. I have already bought five massive Gatorades and I still might need some more. Honestly, this will probably be the only thing that I drink for the next week besides alcohol. P.S. if the hangover is really bad, then upgrade to Pedialyte.


2. Ibuprofen

         Once again, a cure for the hangover. The last thing I want when I am trying to soak up the last minutes of undergrad is a headache. Having a few of these handy will be the best decision you make.


3. Twin Sheets

         As much as I say I don’t actually want to sleep in the dorms, I know I’m going to crash there at 5am when I don’t want to drive home to my real bed. I’d rather play it safe and at least have a set of sheets ready to go when I want to sleep.


4. Comfy Clothes

         Like I said before, I don’t want to sleep in the dorms, but when I am hanging out with all of my friends on campus watching the sunrise, I want to be in sweatpants and a sweatshirt, not my dress and heels from the night before. Comfy clothes will definitely be in my bag.


5. Rubber Flip Flops

         Though I don’t know if I plan on showering in the dorms again, I do know that the hallways will be soaked in alcohol and it's better to be in flip flops I can throw away rather than heels or barefoot.


Senior Week is going to be the last time we will all get to spend time together as the Class of 2019 :( Whether you pack one of these essentials or all of them, let's get ready for one last hurrah!