The Scoop on The 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

After thanksgiving, when all we want to do it sit at home and watch Netflix with our food baby, we have to trek back to school to endure the stresses and struggles of finals season. So, guess you can say the last three weeks of the semester are ~rough af~.  However, what helps us get through these next few weeks is the annual VSFS! Here’s the inside scoop on the show, just in case you missed out.


         This year, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was held in Shanghai, China, the home city for some of the models walking in the show such as Ming Xi. The show was in collaboration with world-renowned designer Balmain, which gave the show an added sense of power. This year’s show was said to be one of the most culturally diverse shows in Victoria’s Secret history, and that was definitely seen, as girls of all races strutted down the runway rocking natural hair, and minimal, but glowy, makeup. Many new models graced the runway this year, including Blanca Padilla, Grace Elizabeth, and more. The performers’ upbeat, yet cool set list also set the tone for the show: powerful, sexy, and fun. However, there were some controversies surrounding the fashion show this year, that had many people talking.

            Victoria’s Secret decided this year to collaborate on a “Punk Angels” segment with designer Balmain, a young, fashion-forward designer that encompasses his clothing lines around edginess, power, and confidence. Models graced the strobe-lit runway with fishnet bodysuits, plaid bustiers, and studded boots and skirts. Candice Swanpoel opened the show with a confident and breathtaking walk, with models walking down the runway in two’s and posing as pairs. It was probably one of the most entertaining segments in VSFS history, in my opinion. It showed all of the girls truly enjoying themselves and showing off their energies.

            The rest of the segments revolved around winter fairytales, angels and the heavens, and cultural diversity. The “Winter Tale” segment was a snowy night in which all the girl (figuratively) bundled up to walk down the runway. A shock to fans watching the show was Ming Xi’s tumble on the runway. This was a big deal because Ming is from Shanghai, and she felt she felt she had disappointed her native people. However, model Gizelle Oliveira gave Ming a helping hand, and she finished her walk with a smile on her face. It is in true Victoria’s Secret fashion to have grace in everything they do! The cultural diversity segment was truly where every single angel shined; their costumes and wings truly showed off not only the cultures of Shanghai but also the cultures of other countries.

            All in all, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is an annual event guys and girls alike tune into. It is such an entertaining broadcast that both markets lingerie effectively and puts on a good show! It may or may not also give us a ton of motivation to go to the gym and not watch Netflix for five hours in a row. I already can’t wait to see what next year is like, but until then, I’m just going to walk the halls like they’re my runway.