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Ridiculous Things All Girls Do While Procrastinating

We all know you should be studying for that big exam tomorrow, but you decided to click here instead. So, WELCOME! Honestly, there is nothing worst than having so much to do and motivation to do it. PROCRASTINATION. We all do it. There is no shame here. Let’s take a moment to laugh at all of the ridiculous things we do while we procrastinate…


1. Scrolling through all of your social media pages.

Dory is clearly our big supporter here of our procrastination habits. Between Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat, you could be there for hours scrolling through all the pages.


2. Stalking that girl who you think is talking to a boy you like.

There is nothing more we love than channeling your inner FBI agent for a few minutes.


3. And then ending up on her cousins, moms, nephews, friends page.

And how did we get up here? The world will never know…


4. Making your way to the fridge to find something to eat.

There is nothing worse than this!! And when you don’t find anything you sadly walk away.


5. Bothering all of your roommates.

There is nothing better than walking into their room and stop them from the work they are doing. You might as well walk in saying, “procrastinate with me”.


6. Heading back to the fridge to see if anything has changed.

Update: nothing has changed and now there are tears.


7. Calling your parents.

The daily deed we all do when we procrastinate. This can easily take away 20 minutes from doing your work. Plus it makes your parents think you went out of your way of your busy schedule to call them.


8. Texting all of your friends and group chats.

You obviously have to tell everyone the embarrassing move you pulled today in the hallway or who you saw while getting coffee this morning so why not do it right now.


9. And if they don’t answer, reaching out to that best friend you had in the 2nd grade.

“Oh hey, haven’t heard from you in a few years… what’s new?” …


10. Watching “just one” episode of your current Netflix binge.

We all know this is a nearly impossible task to watch only one episode that is probably an hour long. What would we do without Netflix? Probably move onto step 11.


11. Searching through Spotify to find new songs for your playlist.

Find new songs, make new playlists, and even add songs to the study playlist you should be listening to at the moment. The best part… dance party!!


12. Taking a short “30 minute” nap which turns into 2 hours.


This is probably everyone’s favorite thing to do when procrastinating. There is nothing like waking up and being ready to tackle all of your work… only in our dreams.


Now that you have procrastinated long enough, you can finally get back to work. Well, until the cycle starts again. HAPPY PROCRASTINATING!

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Lauren Khoury

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Lauren is an Exercise Science major with plans to become a Physical Therapist in order to help people become the best version of themselves.
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