Registering for Classes as Told By Scott Disick

Let’s be real, registering for classes hands down might be one of the most stressful days during the entire year. There are plenty of mishaps but true miracles that can take place during registration. Who better to tell the truth about all the different ~feels~ we have during registration than the man who tells the truth the best – Lord Disick.


Registration has the entire SHU campus like:


It all starts when you find an email in your inbox from Registrar with your registration time and date. Then, you ask all of your friends their registration times and somehow you realize you somehow actually got a decent time :)



You meet with your advisor to figure out the exact classes to take next semester. Lord Disick just about sums up your reaction when you learn you have to take some pretty hard classes next semester since you finished all your core classes:


You start to make your schedule, trying your best to not have Friday classes. Naturally, your advisor suggests you take certain classes that of course, are on Fridays.


The exact feeling you have the morning of your registration day:


Checking how many seats are left in all of your first choice classes after two groups have already registered before you. Only to realize, there are no seats left in the section you needed with the Professor that cancels class just about every week.

When some girl in the library starts crying because her entire WebAdvisor shuts down while registering…



Waiting for WebAdvisor to load after hitting “SUBMIT” like:


When you hit the submit button and get the notification that three of your classes are now full, so you have to put yourself on the waitlist and hope they open another section of that class.


Now you’re left to email your advisor and the department head of your major to beg them to let you into the section of the course you need. This is probably what they think of you:



When there’s only a few spots left in one of your classes, but still try to get into it, and succeed ;)


Or, when just about every single one of your classes is full before you even register and are just at a loss of what to do:


Walking by the long line of students at Registrar’s office scrambling to figure out their next semester’s schedule after your registration went smoothly (which let’s be real, happens for maybe one single person on campus…if that):


When you come home and your roommates ask how registering went for you:


When you didn’t get a single one of your classes and just start contemplating dropping out all together. But then realize:



For most of us, registration is an absolute nightmare. It drains you mentally, physically, and emotionally. But once it’s all done, you're registered for your all classes for next semester and your schedule is perfect (or as good as it’s gonna get). The Lord knows exactly how you’re feeling:



Good luck with registration!! Stay calm, click submit fast, and just pray you get the classes you want!