The Pros and Cons of Selfies

If you don’t know what a selfie is then my best guess is that you’re either my grandma's age or an alien. Because, seriously, who doesn’t know what a selfie is during this day and age? Selfies are a world phenomenon and a personal guilty pleasure of mine. I’d be lying if I said I never got all dolled up a time or two, to snap a few pics of myself for Instagram. It probably looked like I was doing something entertaining, when in reality I was actually alone, eating a bag of chips and watching reality TV. So for all of you who think my life is SOO awesome I’m letting you know that my Instagram is most definitely a liar. Now that my secret is out I guess its safe to say I love taking selfies, and it's probably safe to say that so do you. So, yes, selfies are a load of fun and all, but when do they become a problem? Or even an obsession? Let's take a look at some of the pros and cons of selfies.

The Pros:

1.   Selfies Are A Confidence Booster!

What better way to feel good than posting a picture of yourself looking your prime? I know my heart skips a beat when a cutie likes my picture. The notification is usually followed by me texting my best friends, telling them ALL about it, and then a little victory dance to wrap up my freak-out sesh. Call me crazy, but if he liked my selfie it probably means were getting married tomorrow…just kidding…maybe. Don’t even get me started about when my like-count hits sixty in less than an hour. Seriously, I feel like I beat a world record-- it's Instagram psychology. My point is...selfies have a way of making us feel great about ourselves! And with all of the negativity in this world, what is wrong with that?

2. Selfies Capture Memorable Moments

As time goes on we get so caught up in what’s going on in the present that memories from the past slowly fade. However, that doesn’t apply to all you daredevils who took selfies while skydiving or from those skyscraping, cloud touching, buildings because who in their right mind could forget something so terrifying?!  Anyways, selfies are a great way to preserve our most memorable experiences, and even the most simple, yet cherished experiences. For better or for worse, scrolling weeks back into the archives of our Instagram profile has a way of showing us how much our lives have truly changed! And unlike the real world if you don’t like what your seeing just click “delete.” (Unless someone took a screenshot… then you’re out of luck, my friend.) Progressions of selfies are autobiographies in photo form for the world to see!


The Cons:

1.  Selfies Can Become Obsessive

If you post more than 1 selfie a day, I hate to break it to you but you’re a bit obsessed, girl. At least in my book you are. If you want to upload one pic of yourself and then one of your cat in the same day then that’s perfectly fine. But, if I have to see your face on my timeline more than once, I’m probably rolling my eyes and scrolling to the next post. If you are a double-selfie offender please do us all a favor a cut it out. If you can’t choose between two selfies, save one for a rainy day. Bless us with your immense beauty another time. Trust me, you will need to. Not everyday is a photogenic one.

Kim K is a perfectt example of a selfie-offender. Just look how it backlashed. 


2.  Selfies That Are A Bit Too Revealing

Ladies, please have some respect for yourself and your bodies! Posting half naked pics are not the way to rack up your likes. The only thing you’re racking up is negative attention! I can’t help but to notice how risky selfie taking is becoming. No offense, but I’m not trying to see all of “that” if you get what I mean. Just remember there is a fine line between posting a selfie in your bathing suit versus your bloomers. There are a million ways to be beautiful, but there is one way that doesn’t require any effort at all. Be yourself! Don’t stoop so low for the approval of others, let people like you for you.