President's Gala 2015

Every September, Sacred Heart University hosts the President's Gala. This event brings most of us back to our prom days. We reserve tickets (at least these ones are free!), dress up fancy, enjoy a few delicious treats, and dance the night away with our best friends. Not only does this gala take us back in time, but it also brings the Sacred Heart University community together. Students take pictures with Dr. Petillo, new relationships are formed, and every SHU student's Instagram feed is filled with photos hashtagged "Presdient'sGala2k15." Below are some photos from the special night!

Two-piece sets, sparkles, and lace. Christina Rota, Morgan Debelle Duplan, and Tracy Donlon looked stunning and trendy!

Charlie Holland is one lucky guy! Arm Candy: Bethany Baumann and Alexandra Desrochers

Cut-outs, floral prints, two-piece sets, and killer shoes. We may need to stop into Elizabeth Klein's closet!

Ashley Engle sent us this photo straight from the dance floor. So pretty, ladies!

Amanda Cacciola and crew throwing what they know before the Gala. 

Alexa Fleck and her girlfriends looked happier than ever (NEED those black lace-ups).

Danielle Denardis and her friends snapped a few photos on our beautiful campus!

We're not sure how safe this is, but it looks like Carmen Vacchiano and his bud had a blast at the Gala.

Blonde Bombshells! Liz Vigilante (left) and Lindsey Merrick (right).

...And for some of us, the Gala is exactly like prom. Devin Towne and his date match perfectly-- so cute, guys!

Jillian Labriola and her friends looked super classy. 

Even the boys clean up nicely! Notice the light-up gadget in hand-- those were way too much fun.

Melissa Silveira and friend: LBDs were on point, ladies!

Daniella Dessi and friend in the neon lights!

And, of course, we cannot forget about red lips. Cara Lee and Danielle Agate looked fab!

HC SHU's Campus Correspondent and her roomie since freshman year, Marissa Miller, also feel that all-black everything is the way to go.


Until next year President's will be missed.