Practical Gifts Every College Girl Should Ask For This Christmas 

The holiday season is here, and inevitably, you will be asked that awkward question: what do you want for Christmas? If you’re like me, you love to buy gifts for your friends and family, but when someone asks you what you would like, you blank. As college students, we are in the midst of our transition into adulthood. So, if someone is insisting on buying you a gift, think logically about some of the things you will need in the near future as young professional. Here are four practical gifts you should ask for, or give to a fellow student, that will make the transition into “adulting” a little bit easier! 


1. Business casual wardrobe staples: As a young professional, it’s important to have your wardrobe stocked with appropriate business attire. If a job interview or career fair comes along, you will always be prepared to look your best. Blouses, blazers, pant suits, dresses, etc., are just a few examples of staple pieces that you could ask for. 



2. Kitchenware: The most dreaded part of “adulting" is cooking. You won’t be on a school meal plan for much longer, so start learning to make some meals now, and be prepared for when that time comes; and I don’t mean ramen noodles or easy mac. Basic tools like pots and pans, a spatula, mixing bowl, etc., will make a great starter kit, and motivate you to spend more time in the kitchen. You may even find you actually like it! 


3. Planner: Between classes, assignments, club meetings, and events, you’ve got a lot going on! Ask for a planner to help better manage your schedule, and improve your organizational skills. 


4. Gift Card: Don’t know what you want for Christmas? Ask for a gift card to your favorite store, and pick out your own gift! While many people stray away from giving gift cards because they seem like a cop out, I think that they’re the perfect gift for young adults. Put gift cards towards something you really need.

Hopefully these ideas help you when making your lists and checking them twice. Good luck "adulting", and Happy Holidays"