The Peak Creamery at SHU

I’m the type of person that complains about how cold I always am during the winter, before desperately wanting to get ice-cream in 20-degree weather five seconds later. It’s the one food I could eat at any time of day or year without thinking twice about how “socially acceptable” it is.

So naturally, the Peak Creamery finally reopening on campus was the best news for my weird, yet somehow justifiable ice-cream cravings. In case you missed the grand opening last weekend, here’s the latest scoop (pun totally intended) on the new ice-cream store on campus!

The Peak is a student-run ice-cream business managed by students in the Jack Welch College of Business. It’s located in Christian Witness Commons aka “North” Building A on the first floor right across from the gym (convenient huh?)

Apart from offering SHU students the option to get their ice-cream fix right on campus itself instead of heading to Main Street or Sunny Dae’s (which don’t get me wrong, are great places in their own right), The Peak is a great way for SHU business majors to gain real-world experience running their own business.

The ice-cream is sourced from a creamery based in the Bronx, NY. With flavors ranging from basic chocolate and vanilla to all-time favorites like mint chip and cookie dough to exciting espresso chip and double fudge brownie, there are so many options to choose from. The menu isn’t so extensive that it becomes overwhelming. You can get sundaes, milkshakes, ice-cream cookie sandwiches or stick to the basics with your favorite flavor in a cup or cone.

The store itself has a cute interior with potential for some very Instagram-worthy moments, along with a lounge area for customers to hang out and enjoy their sweet treats. The space poses opportunities for extracurricular club meetings, bonding events, karaoke/open-mic nights and so much more.

As one of the marketing students on The Peak's management team, the opening of the store has been a great way to get involved this semester and the positive feedback so far is exciting for the future of the business at Sacred Heart. After all, as the unofficial saying goes:


Visit The Peak on Wednesday and Thursday evenings between 7 – 11 p.m. and follow @thepeak_shu on Instagram for updates in the meantime!