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Our Spring Break (Spent at Home) Essentials

Laying in your childhood bed with your dog, as you scroll through your friends’ Snapchat stories and Instagram posts of them jetting off to tropical places…anyone?  Spring break can be tough when it seems like all your college friends are somewhere on a beach, and your home friends conveniently have break the week after you do.  But don’t fret!  Her Campus has all the tips and products to make your Spring break seem just as fabulous – and a little more productive – than theirs (straight out of our Her Campus Spring Break Survival Kits!).  These are just some of the ways that we’ll be utilizing our time and kits this week:

Apply to summer internships!

With all this free time and the weight of endless class assignments off your shoulders, you finally have time to apply for summer internships!  This will look amazing on your resume to future employers, and post-grad you will so not regret it.  The #ActuallySheCan Success Issue is filled with confidence-fueled content, events and experiences to help millennial women turn their ambitions into reality.  Check it out here for more motivation!

Get your life together.

We all know that by the time it’s mid-semester, your life tends to feel like it’s in shambles.  Between keeping up with your social calendar, class schedule, health, job, and everything else in between, this break is well-deserved and much-needed.  Take advantage of your time at home and organize your life!  Stay-at-home mom Erin Condren has built her own brand based on functional planners and notebooks that are also super aesthetically pleasing and stylish.  Check them out here if you’re an office supplies freak like we are!

Fake a tan!

No one really has to know that you spent the week with minimum internactions besides your dog, right?!  These L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Towelettes are the quicket and easiest way to make it look like you aren’t ghostly pale.  Seriously, these things are the easiest application process ever!

Let yourself be lazy.

Give your face a break from the makeup, and give your hair a break from the blow dryer.  This week spent at home sould be a full-on spa week/recuperation from the abuse you put your body through at school (i.e. all those weeknights out at the bar).  The Psssst! Tropical Instant Dry Shampoo will help you look just good enough that your family won’t realize you haven’t washed your hair in three days, and it literally smells like a tropical getaway.  Check out the life-saving product here.

Give your body some extra TLC.

Femal health is super important, especially in college – but we don’t have to tell you that.  Make sure to get yourself checked every once in a while, as it’s easy to forget with such a busy schedule 24/7!  Cystex tablets can be a livesaver if your urinary health isn’t looking so good, and HC has the discount hookup!

Treat yourself to some new goodies!

Let’s be real, you’re bound to get bored at home after a few days.  Who can say no to a little shopping?! These Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks come in a bunch of gorgeous shades and will make you feel fab, and some of the Juicy Couture products that HC SHU has in store for upcoming giveaways are amazing!  So stay tuned and keep your eyes on our social medias, because we have a bunch in store that you and your friends could win!


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