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Something I am quite fascinated with yet rarely get to discuss is tarot cards. I think it’s so cool that what may seem like a bunch of overpriced playing cards are actually powerful divination tools when used correctly. In my junior year of high school, I was given my first deck – a Rider-Waite set. For a while, I practiced reading the fates of my friends and of myself, all entirely for fun. Personally, I do not believe that our fate is not determined by the cards – rather, fate is as we make it. Besides, I’m still an amateur, so my readings might not be accurate.

However, my interpretations have been very… interesting. Meaning that they’ve been accurate most of the time. Recently, I did a reading for my friend who wanted to know how his week was going to go. For this I performed a basic three-card reading – one card for the beginning of the week, one for the middle, and one for the end. While I don’t remember the exact cards, I can recall what they said.

The first card said that he would have a confident start to the week, possibly to the point of cockiness. The second card said that there would be a major event that would change the course of his week entirely, whether in his personal or academic life, I could not tell. The last card read that he would end his week with low energy. Quite the trip, if you ask me.

As my week went on, I started to think that perhaps that reading was for me, rather than for him.

I started my week pretty strong, confident in my classes and getting lots of work done. However, on Wednesday, so many things happened that completely changed the course of my week, both personally and academically. That was when I realized what my reading said, and I began to think, ‘Maybe I should stop reading tarot cards.’  I couldn’t let my energy down by the end of the week – I had a test on Friday!

I’m not sure whether it was through the power of manifestation, or if an emergency tarot reading on Wednesday did the trick, but my Friday went along quite smoothly. I was productive and got through my test, and I even had time to reward myself with some bubble tea before going to work. If it was written in the stars or something for me to have a great Friday, then so be it, but the rest of the week was a bit suspicious, if you ask me. 

I wonder how my friend’s week went.

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