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A New Runway Collection that Sets our MOOD for 2019 

We have all heard of incorporating “statement pieces” into our wardrobe before, however at this year’s Paris Fashion Week, Viktor & Rolf took the term “statement piece” to a whole new level with their outrageous couture collection.

These meme-inspired yet gorgeous, tiered and tulle dresses speak to me on a different level, and while I was admiring them in all their glory I realized they have a lot to do with setting our intentions on making 2019 one for the record books. Here are some dresses I have compiled to help inspire you to live your best life this year: 



Get confident! No more looking to the outside world for approval this year. This Frida Kahlo quote says it perfectly, you are your own muse! Take a second to step back and truly appreciate yourself, everything you need this year comes from within. Good things will come when you feel comfortable in your own skin! 



Cut those toxic people out of your life for real this year. Truly focus your energy on being open to all of the positive relationships in your life. Don’t worry about the others if they think you’re shy, so what! You’re living your best life in 2019 and you only have time to hang with people that are here for you. 



Don’t be afraid to say no to the things you don’t want to do. We have all been in a position where we say yes simply because we are too afraid of speaking up and asserting ourselves. This is the year we get assertive and focus on doing the things that truly serve us, whether they simply make you happy or serve your future professionally… start saying yes to the things you truly want! 




Learn to let go of the things you can’t control. You will drive yourself crazy if you exhaust your energy on lost causes. Learn to relax and take a step back, accept what you can’t control and move past what stands in your way in a cool, collected manner. 




Say yes to adventure this year! Gone are the days of finding excuses to not take that trip, go out with friends, or try anything new that excites you. This is your year to take that leap and try something new. This is your jumping off point to having your most adventurous and memorable year yet.

Shannon Sweeney

Sacred Heart

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