My Top 4 On-the-go Breakfast Ideas (that are also Gluten Free!)

We all lead busy lives, and whether you are a college student, working, or starting an internship. If you’re anything like me, it’s super easy to skip meals and consistently be running late.


Over this past semester, I have mastered 4 on-the-go breakfasts that are filling, macro-friendly, and easy to take on the go.



  1. OATS!


Oats are easy, yummy, and filling.


The night before I take a container, and measure out oats, almond milk (although you can use any milk) and toppings.


My current favorite combination are the Bobs Red Mill Gluten-free Oats, Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk, Coconut flakes, Peanut butter, and chocolate chips. It is super fun to try out new toppings, and it keeps it interesting.


After adding these ingredients to your container, just throw it in the fridge. In the morning you can grab it, and be on your way.


The reason why this works, is because overnight the oats absorb the milk, which gives it that familiar oatmeal texture. My top tip is to only pour the milk in enough to cover the oats, if you over pour the milk, they may end up soggy.


However, if you’re super lazy (guilty!) you can also purchase grab and go oats that you can add water to and heat up in the morning right in the container.

2. Greek Yogurt, Granola, & Chocolate Chips


Greek yogurt is filled with protein and good probiotics which help in digestion. My favorite brand currently is the Fage Plain Greek Yogurt. I put one cup into a container, and then I measure out ½ cup of my favorite granola. At the moment, it’s the Peanut Butter Granola from KIND. To finish it off, I add a table spoon of dark chocolate chips for added sweetness.


I also love adding raspberries, or blueberries to add even more sweetness.

3. Egg White Avocado Mini Tacos


Although there is a little more prep for this one, it is so worth it. All you need is mini corn tortillas, egg whites, Avocado and seasoning. (For seasoning I prefer the “Everything but the Bagel” from Trader Joes).


I add some cooking spray to a pan, and heat up the tortillas, then I cook 1 cup of egg whites. I separate them into each tortilla, and add ripe avocado slices on top along with the seasoning. It only takes about 10-15min because both the tortillas and egg whites cook quickly.


To finish it off, I wrap up the tacos, secure them with toothpicks and put them into a container. This high-protein, low calorie breakfast is perfect for staying on track with your health goals, but is also convenient for a busy life.



4. Perfect Bars!


If you haven’t tried Perfect Bars, you need to! They are refrigerated protein bars that contain as much protein, fat, and calories as a typical meal. They provide your body with all the right macronutrients, and as super convenient to throw in your bag.


My favorite Flavors are the Coconut Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter, and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chips. You can get them at Target, Stop and Shop, Whole Foods and even Trader Joes. I also love that they keep me full all morning.