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My Experience Rushing a Sorority as a Junior 

When thinking about college, besides the academic portion of it, clubs and organizations come to mind because they are a huge part of resume building and learning growth. However, one of the most popular organizations to be a part of while in college are fraternities and sororities. 


Sorority recruitment, depending on location, is a long weekend process or a week long process before school even starts. At Sacred Heart, it is a long weekend process beginning on a Friday evening until Sunday night. So much hard work and effort is put from each organization as current members are searching for new members. 


Joining a sorority is something that I have wanted to do since I was a freshman at Sacred Heart. When thinking about rushing my freshman year, I was too nervous and insecure to put myself out there with so many people around. At the time, not many of my friends were rushing either, which made me feel better that I was not the only one who was not going through the process. Sophomore year came along and I still wanted to rush, but with all the work I had I was nervous about the time commitment and balancing it with all the clubs that I was already a part of. Nonetheless, being in a sorority was still something I wanted to pursue. 


Then, over the summer, when thinking about my junior year and the clubs I was a part of, I felt that something was still missing and I wanted more out of my college experience. Right then, I decided to submit the form for 2018 recruitment. I was excited, but also nervous because I was a junior and most girls rush their freshman or sophomore year. I still decided to give the experience a ‘go’ and be a part of Greek Life. 


This past weekend (September 14 through September 16, 2018) was recruitment weekend! I never really knew much about Greek Life in general, but after learning about each organization’s philanthropy and meaning on campus, I fell in love with it. Philanthropy is a huge reason I wanted to pursue Greek Life. 


Each organization I met with during the course of the weekend were respectful and the members I was speaking to didn’t care that I was a junior. In fact, every person was excited that I was rushing and would soon be a member of an organization that is so passionate about their letters. My nerves immediately went away and I knew that I made the right choice, no matter my age. 

After passing each round, I found myself on Sunday between two organizations, and I knew which one was for me. On Bid Night, after I eagerly opened the envelope, I was happy to find out that I would become a member of Kappa Alpha Theta fraternity and I knew I found a home and organization that I can give back to through our philanthropy during my final two years of college. 


I am definitely happy I rushed this past year and am able to be a part of Greek Life at Sacred Heart! These two years are something that I will cherish and am eager to learn more about and be a part of. I am excited to get to know each member and be able to create new experiences!!

If you are thinking about rushing your junior year of college, but are nervous you are too old to do so, I know from experience that I did find my home junior year and was viewed the same as any person going through recruitment.


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