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Must Buy’s From Trader Joe’s

Since moving into a house for my senior year of college, I have found myself buying more groceries than usual. Trader Joe’s has become a usual stop for me, and I have been trying out so many new foods and snacks. Here are some of my favorites!

Avocado Tzatziki Dip

THIS DIP. It’s absolutely addicting. That’s all.

Mochi Chocolate Peanut Butter Mochi

Not only is it DELICIOUS, but it’s also only 90 calories and vegan. Win win all around!

Everything But The Bagel Seasoning

Seeing this all over TikTok, I knew I had to buy it. It is the perfect addition to almost anything!

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Another dip from Trader Joe’s that is a must try. It’s the perfect snack to munch between meals.

Spaghetti Style Zucchini Noodles

These go so well with soy sauce. So much healthier than regular noodles, and honestly, they taste better too.

Organic Sriracha & Roasted Garlic BBQ Sauce

Add this to some chicken or roasted cauliflower and you’ll be drooling.

Eucalyptus Plant

Okay, I know this isn’t food, but buy one of these and add them to your shower. Trust me. Place it over/on top of your shower head and it will turn your shower into a beautiful smelling oasis.

Trader Potato Tot

Ok you guys: these tater tots make me so happy. PERIOD. They are so easy to make and have become a favorite midnight snack of mine.

Kale and Cashew Pesto

This goes so well with your pasta. The taste is to die for!!

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

My friends and I are absolutely obsessed with these dessert snacks. I don’t usually like dark chocolate, but these are absolutely amazing!

Trader Joe’s is an absolute must nowadays. Hit them up for some amazing options at a really good price!!

Devin Gavigan

Sacred Heart '21

Hi, my name is Devin Gavigan and I am an English and Communications major with an Advertising and PR concentration at Sacred Heart University. I have always had a passion for writing and everything creatively stimulating. I hope you enjoy my articles!
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