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In all honesty, staying mindful is complex for me. I’ve never been the type of person to focus on the present, rather, I anticipate and plan for the future. This is of no fault of my own, that’s just life. In school and at work you look ahead at due dates and deadlines, planners and calendars inspire you to organize your time, and conversations around friends often surround activities and events you want to be a part of in the future.

Staying mindful is something I have promised myself to work on but, it can be difficult. Recently, I’ve found a mindfulness method that has pushed me to be mindful more frequently. That’s being mindful in the mundane moments. 

Mundane moments are those activities or periods of time that appear dull. Maybe it’s from lack of interest, habit, or both. Here are the steps I take for being mindful during mundane moments:

  1. Observe the atmosphere I am in and take it all in.
  2. Take 3 deep breathes.
  3. Start my activity.
  4. During my activity take it slow, acknowledge your different senses, and when your mind wanders bring it back to the current task at hand.

Here are some everyday tasks you can do while practicing mindfulness:

  1. Brushing your teeth
  2. Washing your hands
  3. Washing your face
  4. Showering
  5. Doing your hair
  6. Making your bed
  7. Making a cup of coffee or tea
  8. Doing your laundry
  9. Cooking a meal or making a snack
  10. Picking out your outfit

Since practicing being mindful in these ways, I have always felt recharged after. I encourage you to take a few minutes of your day to try it! If you need more guidance, the app Headspace supported me in learning how to be mindful in these moments.

Celia Zevon

Sacred Heart '22

My name is Celia and I'm from Rhode Island! I am a senior pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Communications Studies with a double minor in Creative/Professional Writing and Digital Marketing. Happy reading!