The Minimalist Fall Sweater Guide

As temperatures begin to drop and we bid a final good-bye to summer, one of the most exciting aspects of the fall season comes around: sweater weather!

Sweaters are arguably one of the most comfortable and trendy pieces to add to your wardrobe. As a perpetually freezing human during the colder months of the year, staying warm becomes my No. 1 priority when it comes to choosing what to wear every day. It can be tempting to stock up with an endless variety of sweaters in different textures, styles and colors. However, given the limited average college student's budget and space a typical college dorm room offers, it can be impractical to build an entirely separate closet of sweaters galore. 

If you're looking to stay warm yet fashionable during this period of sweater weather, here are five must-have types of sweaters to include in your minimalist fall collection!


1. The Cable Knit

A chunky cable-knit sweater has become ~the~ staple sweater style in recent years. It's just such a cute and cozy option to wear to class, on a coffee date, to the grocery store or literally anyplace. 


2. The Neutral Go-to

While warmer colors are definitely in during the holiday season, a back-to-basics approach of a simple black, white or gray sweater paired with your favorite jeans never disappoints. 


3. The Turtleneck

A cozy turtleneck sweater is perfect for adding a vintage vibe to your outfit. Plus, the high neck covers one of your extremities which helps you feel warmer, even in the chilliest weather.


4. The Sweater Dress

You can never go wrong with the simple, yet fashionable outfit consisting of a sweater dress and over-the-knee boots. Plus, there's no hassle of choosing a pair of bottoms to match, definitely a win-win situation.


5. The Oversized Cardigan

An oversized cardigan is a solid removable addition to an outfit, especially with the unpredictable nature of New England weather (I'm still baffled that it was 85 degrees earlier this week and then just dropped to 45 degrees, without warning, the next day).