Meet SHU Figure Skater Brianna Severino '19

Year: Class of 2019

Major: Health Science Pre-PA track 

Hometown: Enfield, Connecticut 

Fun Fact: She has double vision. 

Q & A: 

When did you start skating?

I was four years old when I started skating. My mom found an article in the paper, and she decided to sign up my sister and I for group skating lessons. I eventually became a competitive figure skater. When I was little I tried a lot of other sports, but skating was what I wanted to stick with through college. 

How do you balance skating with schoolwork?

Each week I plan time to practice based on when my homework is due. My coach posts ice times, and I look to see when the most convenient time is for me to skate. My schoolwork is my main priority. It takes a lot of time management skills to find a balance. I study in between classes and on the bus to competitions.  

How is it competing against your teammates/ friends?

Instead of competing against each other, we support each other, because in the end it benefits our team. We are all a family and do not let the competition aspect of skating ruin our friendships.

What level do you compete at?

I compete at Juvenile Free Skate and Intermediate Short Program. I was tested by judges in order to be approved to compete at these levels. Each level has limitations as to what jumps and spins you can perform.

In Juvenile Free Skate level, one jump must be an axel and there cannot be more than three combination jumps. One spin has to be a flying entry and I must have one combination spin.

In Intermediate level, I must have one axel and one double jump. For spins, there’s no change of foot and only one position I’m allowed to stay in.

What do you wear at competitions?

I bought these skating dresses online, but without the beading. I bought the beads separately and beaded them myself, so it makes them special to me. I wear my hair up out of my face while I skate, and my makeup has to be exaggerated in order for the judges to see.

What kind of music do you skate to?

Everyone has a different skating style. I like faster paced music because it goes along with my style of skating. I skate to a Spanish tango song that is really upbeat and works in harmony with the way I skate.

Do you plan on incorporating figure skating into your life after college?

I am not planning to compete after college, but skating really relieves stress. It’s an escape from the real world and I will keep it as a hobby.

What is your favorite memory from being involved in the SHU figure skating team?

My team went to Delaware this year for a competition. All the love and support from my teammates motivated me to do really well and win my first medal. It was an exciting moment that showed my improvement and gave me a sense of accomplishment.