Meet Sam MacPherson ‘19

Her Campus had the opportunity to ask sophomore, Sam MacPherson, a few questions about himself, his experience as a SHU student, and his future plans! 

The Basics:

Year: Sophomore (Class of 2019)

Hometown: Red Bank, New Jersey

Major/Minor: Nursing (for now) – with a Music minor! 

Relationship Status: Happily married, and the father of 3 boys, all named after ninja turtles.   

Campus Involvement: Retired D1 soccer player, SAAC Rep

Hobbies/Interests: Surfing, playing and writing music, going to the beach, old record players, and listening to the kid who people think talks too much, because he'll probably have something interesting to say at some point. 



Person at SHU: A wonderful maintenance woman named Dawn who likes to listen to me play in the theater at night. 

Go-to-song: Right now, “Wasted on Fidelity” – Cameron Avery 

Music Genre: Alternative, Soft Rock

Ice Cream Flavor: Cookies and Cream 

Season: Summer 

Drink of Choice: Black Coffee 

Place to hang out on campus: Music Room 

Memory at SHU: That would depend on whether my mother is getting a copy of this interview. 



What are your plans for the summer?

This summer I’ll be lifeguarding, surfing, and playing music at venues near my hometown, and hopefully some places in NYC as well. I will also be performing interpretive dance routines in between songs to keep the audience interested, and keep the blood flowing. 

Where do you get your inspiration for writing your songs?

All of my songs are inspired by things I think about during the day, people I talk to, and places I see. They all come from a real place or genuine feeling, otherwise they wouldn’t be songs. I write all of my worst songs when I have all of the free time in the world, and all my best ones at 10:05 am in the middle of my Microbiology class.

If you could be anyone for an entire day who would it be & why?

John Mayer. He is my musical Hero. He is someone who has inspired me in my own songwriting career, and possibly my haircut.

Where do you hope to see yourself in 10 years?

Coming off the stage absolutely sweating because I just played an outrageous set at Madison Square Garden, or selling ice cream in a small modest truck parked on the border of Mexico and California. There are no other options, there is no in-between. 


As I’m sure you can tell from this interview, Sam just about has his life and aspirations figured out much more than most college students his age. Not to mention, he quite clearly has a great sense of humor.  He is currently recording an EP called “Allegory of the Curtain.” Please check out two of Sam’s tracks using the link’s below. And Sam – please remember your SHU family when you’re famous. 

“Allegory of the Curtain EP” 

“And it Was (live from Apt. 204)”

“In Their Own (Live From the Studio)”