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If you have ever seen people wearing Après Apparel around campus, you now get to meet the man behind the brand- Frank Raia! From marketing to leadership, he does it all. I recently got to interview Frank and received the inside scoop on his business, favorite things, and more! 

The Basics: 


Name: Frank Raia III 

Year: Junior 

Major/Minor: Marketing 

Hometown: West Islip New York 

Relationship Status: In a relationship 

Campus Involvement: Pi Kappa Phi, Inter Fraternal Council 

Favorite Food: Sushi 

Favorite Movie: Bronx Tale 

Favorite Sports Team: New York Rangers 

Favorite Season: Summer 

Drink of choice: Gin and Tonic (alc) 

Drink of choice: Water (non alc) 

Go-to store: H&M 

Place to hang out in Fairfield: Geronimo’s 




What are your plans for summer? 

Working Landscaping for my father, working on Après Apparel. 


What is something that interests you? 

Art and design interest me. Now having the business, I always find myself looking into to new designs and styles of clothing. 


What inspired you to start your business? 

I find myself trying to be very creative, and I always wanted my work to be seen. I find having my work worn is a very rewarding feeling. The lifestyle I live is one that it very interactive with clothing and new styles in fashion. Where and how I live inspires my designs and what kind of clothes I sell. 


Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 

Hopefully married. I want to still be able to do the things that I enjoy today like being with friends and family and enjoying where I live. I hope the company is a lot bigger than it is today and I can be financially self-sufficient through the company and become my own boss. 


What’s the best advice you ever been given/ who gave it to you? 

“Measure twice and cut once” My father gave me this advice. I have worked with my father my whole life and he has always taught me to do things correctly the first time, so always spend a little extra time the first time doing something, so it is perfect and done right. I also apply what he said to me in everyday life situations. There is no sense in doing something in life with half the effort. Always give it your all the first time. 


What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned in college so far? 

Make the time count. Being a transfer student, my time at Sacred Heart is cut in half. I have to make the best of my college experience. So far its been an amazing time. 


What has been your favorite moment at SHU so far? 

It’s hard to give a specific time here that is my favorite. A few of my favorite times here has been being part of Pi Kappa Phi, building a great network, meeting my girlfriend, and being a part of a great community. 

After getting to chat with Frank we definitely got to see that he is a man with a plan. Thanks Frank for sharing a little bit of you with our community. Be sure to head over to Instagram and follow @apres.apparel !

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