Maggie Bortner

Name: Maggie Bortner

Hometown: Baltimore Maryland

Major: Fashion Merchandising

Relationship Status: Single!




Food: Flank steak or Velveeta mac & cheese, but I'll eat anything!

Drink: Whiskey sour please!

Movie: Finding Nemo

Date spot: Camden Yards Orioles Park

Go-to place for a night out: When I'm at school, no question: SONO. When I'm home, it's always Federal Hill



Colleen O’Melia: Tell us about yourself! What’s your post-college plan? We hear your graduating early miss over-achiever!

Maggie Bortner: Yes I am graduating next fall, and I'm more than a little nervous. My plan is to work for a high fashion label company as a buyer or marketer!


CO: Awesome! Good for you. What have been some of your best memories at SHU?

MB: The ones I don't remember. Spring break definitely has a special place in my heart, but honestly any time with my friends is a great time…I couldn't pick just one!


CO: What are you most looking forward to in 2015?

MB: Ahhh the new year, I am looking forward to really focusing on myself and starting to plan out my future. I am super excited to see what surprises the future holds for me!


CO: Who is your current man-crush?

MB: Oh gosh. There's so many… how to choose! Hmm Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl) all the way.


CO: Do you have any pet-peeves?  

MB: I absolutely HATE loud chewers! I do not need to hear your food, thank you! Dating wise, I am not a fan of mind games or dishonesty. Be straight with me, and I'll be straight with you.