Mac Miller: Grammys Controversy

This past Sunday was the 61st annual Grammy awards and while it was filled with amazing performances and tons of celebrities, there was also controversy.


 The controversy surrounds the late Mac Miller who died of an overdose in September.

The Recording Academy had nominated Miller’s last album “Swimming” for the best rap album. This is the first nomination Miller has ever received from the Recording Academy.


They even flew his parents out from Pittsburgh so that they would be able to attend this event and possibly accept the award if their son was to win the award.


Come the day of the show and when they announce the winner for best rap album, it is not Mac Miller but instead it’s Cardi B. This sparked a lot of angry tweets and reactions from viewers, one being ex-girlfriend Ariana Grande who soon after deleted her tweets.

A lot of the reaction was not just about how Mac didn’t win, but about how the organization flew his parents out, in hopes of their son finally being recognized by the music’s biggest award show, only for him to lose.

They also promised a whole tribute to Mac but instead his face was only shown for 2 seconds during the academy’s annual montage of singers the world has lost in the past year. Many fans are angry that the academy would use Miller’s name and album as clickbait for the show and even go to extremes as to fly his grieving parents out for no reason.


The Recording Academy has not currently made comments regarding this controversy and similarly, Miller’s parents have not spoken out.