Little Word, Big Inspiration


Have you been seeing girls walking around with these super cute beaded bracelets on? 

Many girls at SHU are now reppin’ Little Words Project bracelets and you should too. These trending bracelets are a new kind of “sisterhood” that you can wear and share! It is a way to promote confidence and friendship among women. 

The purpose of LWP is for the customer to wear her Little Word for as long as the word continues to resonate with her. Then, she passes the bracelet on to someone who may need that bit of inspiration more than she does. 

Each bracelet features a gold-tipped tag with the logo and a number inscribed into it. These numbers may be used to register a customer’s bracelet and track the bracelet’s movement as it travels from wrist to wrist.

You can take your Little Word’s with you wherever you go and of course, take cute pics along the way. You can also customize your own LWP with whatever word and color beads you want at Be sure to check out their instagram @littlewordsproject!