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When I started college, I knew I wanted to study theatre, so I quickly declared my theatre major. As time went on, I was on the fence about picking up a second major because of things like workload and time management, but luckily, a lot of theatre majors also double major, so knowing that they were able to do it reassured me that I could do it too. Here are some tips for being a double major!

  1. Plan out your classes very carefully. Make sure you go through each major’s requirements and even speak to students who have taken classes in each department to get some insight on potential classes. The more you plan out classes, the easier your double major will seem.
  2. Pick one major that you enjoy. While it’s important to pursue a major that will get you a good job, make sure at least one of them is something you enjoy. I really enjoy theatre, and my theatre classes are something I always look forward to throughout my week.
  3. Talk to your advisor. So often, I meet students who want to pick up a second major and don’t know where to start. Sit down with your advisor and bring up your potential double major, and they can guide you through the requirements

Double majoring can be great if you’re indecisive and have trouble narrowing your choices down to one major. It can also open a lot more doors because you’ll have more career choices. So if you’re considering it, best of luck!

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