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Lexi Hidalgo is My Alix Earle

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Sacred Heart chapter.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Alix Earle just as much as the next girl. Her Get Ready With Me style videos, talking about the lavish University of Miami nightlife, the stunning influencer trips to Dubai, and even her recent collab with Juicy Couture and Forever 21 have me tuning in to watch every time. 

Yet truthfully, part of why Alix Earle’s videos are addicting to me is because only a certain type of person can live her lifestyle and truly enjoy it. The chaos and never-ending events are simply too fast-paced for me (a self-proclaimed ‘old soul’ and lover of books, sunsets, and simple nights spent on my couch with my roommates). Alix Earle’s life is the kind I enjoy watching from a distanceogvNu47M6B 7dyHjd5w5UJBKrcL9K8LlxehLNwHRNauae04XKsdGXPJ71gvVPNR2IwItYjRoemHvNhsVtDZhn

So who’s the real star of my TikTok For You page? 

Lexi Hidalgo (@lexxhidalgo on Instagram and TikTok). Lexi is a 22 year old yoga instructor, podcaster, beach lover, and influencer from southern Florida. I first stumbled across her page way back in 2020, during the summer of Covid. As a native New Englander who lives over an hour from the beach, I became obsessed with her sunrise beach adventures, coffee talks on her home’s patio, and at-home workouts you can do on your bedroom floor. Her positivity and realness stuck with me long after I’d swiped past her videos. In the age of social media, making an impression is rare and I found myself coming across her page more and more.

In recent months, her content has expanded to include more charity work, particularly with animal shelters and the environment. Lexi even started a podcast, called Moments (@themomentspod on Instagram) which can be found on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. She discusses the pains of growing up, how to navigate a mindful life in the digital age, and more. I’ve never been much of a podcast person, but when I found out last week about The Moments Podcast, I promised myself I would give it a listen. (For the sake of full transparency, I’ve only listened to one episode but hey, I was on vacation, I’m going to cut myself some slack for that one). 9xI9eOfO08dTIOKNOzvWnu3S0Ul18ZTj1LNDBCxop5ke oDabKl1qwAkIALQ32oEJB7DzeN4SARNN1Pm0o0 mhk3H5NP1uVgithZMaUugHc95ysthoIsElt70kYJBwjn9r6LWw2HKqmTFZlnmjJAK1U

Lexi Hidalgo is my Alix Earle because I love the way she views life. The planet is something to be honored, people are meant to be forgiven, the sun is meant to be enjoyed, and life isn’t meant to be taken too seriously. 

As I’m bundling up in freezing Connecticut for the last few weeks of winter, Lexi’s videos make me excited for summer and truthfully, even if they just make me smile, what more can I ask for? 

Erin Dunn

Sacred Heart '25

Hi guys! I'm Erin Dunn from South Windsor, Connecticut and I'm a Communications major at Sacred Heart University. I love baking and using writing to express myself and I'm so excited to be apart of Her Campus!