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Lauren Kalil ’14

NAME: Lauren Kalil

YEAR: Junior

MAJOR: Communications

HOMETOWN: Clinton, New York


What are you involved in on campus?

 I was just elected as Student Body President for the upcoming year of 2013 to 2014. I am also involved in the National Residence Hall Honorary, Producer of The Pulse, a CLA (Classroom Learning Assistant). I am also a member of the dance team as well as a member of Chi-Omega-Kappa Mu.


How do you handle being apart of so many activities as well as have a social life and also your studies?

Honestly, time management. I live by my agenda and write things that need to happen first in my schedule. I would be completely stressed if I did not have my agenda but luckily I am a person that does not need sleep. As far as my social life, I try to make weekends for that part of my life.


What has been your most memorable or rewarding experience here at Sacred Heart?

It’s hard to pick one, but my most memorable or rewarding experience would have to be over this past spring break I traveled to El Salvador through Sacred Heart. I had this amazing opportunity to meet so many awesome people. It opened my eyes to their lifestyle there and it makes you so much more appreciative of what you have. And not only that, but I was able to make life long friendships with the students who went and also to be able to reflect with them about our trip. It truly was the most rewarding experience that I was able to experience through Sacred Heart. 


What are your plans after graduating from Sacred Heart?

First, I want to take a couple of months to study abroad. I had this incredible opportunity to study abroad this past fall semester in Africa and it opened my eyes to the world and that passion inside of me for traveling and wanting to experience different kinds of places. After traveling, I then hopefully want to get a job in the broadcasting field.


Do you have an ultimate dream job?

My ultimate dream job would to be an international television reporter. Basically, I would get sent to different countries to do television reports. I’m hoping and trying to turn that dream into a reality.


What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to hang out with friends and family. Whether it is just going to the beach or staying in and watching a movie.


Finally, what has Sacred Heart done for you and rewarded you from being such an involved student?

I think the university offers such a diverse range of opportunities to be involved. Being an involved student has been really great for me to network. Sacred Heart has given me such an amazing opportunity to meet such great people and professors. I am actually interning for the golf channel this summer because of one of my professors. Being involved with activities here at Sacred Heart has allowed me to meet people that are helping me turn my dreams into a reality.

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Kayley O'Brien

Sacred Heart

Kayley O'Brien is a junior communications major. Her goal in life is to work at a major television company like NBC in Manhattan. She likes to hang out with friends and family in her free time. Her interest are fashion, reading, and playing the piano.
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