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Kathy Griffin As The New Face Of Fashion Police?

As we are all well aware, us Sacred Heart girls love fashion and our designer brands. It is no secret that everyone was devastated when the hilarious and beloved Joan Rivers passed away this past September. She was not only a large figure in comedy, but she had a fashion sense of her own that she was able to portray through E!’s hit show, “Fashion Police.” Personally, I was shocked to hear that Kathy Griffin, a D-list celebrity who seems to have little to no fashion sense, was casted to be the new host of the show. Will she bring the same comedic effect to the popular show as Joan did? Should Giuliana Rancic have taken over as host? After some research, it seems that the odds are not in Kathy’s favor. 


Check out a snapshot of Griffin’s debut on the show! What did Entertainment Tonight (etonline) have to say about her first performance? Check it out here: http://www.etonline.com/tv/156213_kathy_griffin_makes_her_fashion_police…


Now, let’s hear how our fellow SHU students feel about Kathy as the new face of E!’s “Fashion Police.”

Makenzie Lennan, junior, states, “ I think that Kathy Griffin will do an excellent job keeping Joan’s legacy alive. She is very quick and witty like Joan was, so she will do a great job on Fashion Police!”

Alyssa Fremgen, freshman, adds, “ I really think that Kathy Griffin will do a great job hosting because she was very close with Joan. She will be able to continues Joan’s legacy but also bring her own unique comedic style.”

Mary Brown, junior, states “ I was very upset when Joan Rivers passed away. Kathy Griffin isn’t very well known, and I do not really identify with her. She doesn’t seem to be very funny and, in my opinion, is a little bit obnoxious.”

Well, we have mixed reviews here at Sacred Heart University. Will Kathy Griffin be able to carry on Joan Rivers’ legacy on Fashion Police? Only time will tell! 


The Washington Post also had negative reviews. The article advises readers, “Don’t watch if you actually want to hear about fashion.” Reap up: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/style-blog/wp/2015/01/13/kathy-griff…

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