Ivory Ella at Sacred Heart University

Making a difference in the world seems difficult and time consuming- especially as a college student. Between studying and trying to get involved on campus, the desire to be a part of something bigger than ourselves always takes a back seat. However, now there's an easy and fun way to benefit yourself and others at the same time. If you are looking for new ways to get involved on campus while also working with unique and trendy clothing that goes towards a great cause, Ivory Ella is the organization for you. Recently the club has come to Sacred Heart University, and they are beginning to make their mark. 


What is Ivory Ella? 

Ivory Ella is an organization dedicated to donating 10% of their proceeds to Save the Elephants and other charitable foundations. Their global mission consists of saving the elephants and providing products that represent different cultures and places around the world. Ivory Ella’s prints are inspired by the world’s beauty and are "Good Clothes for a Good Cause". 


Where is the money donated? 

Donations have been distributed to Save the Elephants, Elephant Crisis Fund, Feeding America, American Heart Association, Toys for Tots, Breast Cancer Research Foundation, as well as many others. 


What does Ivory Ella sell? 

Merchandise includes- outerwear, shirts, bottoms, dresses, sweatshirts, drinkware, intimates, jewelry, hats, watches, and backpacks. Their most popular items are the trendy Ivory Ella t-shirts. 


Where can I buy Ivory Ella apparel?

Go to www.ivoryella.com to purchase their products. 


What are the prices of the merchandise? 

Depending on what you purchase, everything is still at an affordable price range. The most important part however, is a portion of the net profit goes towards a great cause. 

Shirts range from $29- $42. 

Bottoms range from $19-$49. 

Drinkware range from $13- $22. 

Jewelry ranges from $18- $39. 

Ivory Ella at Sacred Heart University: 

Bianca Timpano, Sacred Heart University’s Ivory Ella Club President, responded to these questions about how the Ivory Ella Club is run on the SHU campus. 


How will Ivory Ella Club contribute to Sacred Heart’s campus? 

"One of the main ways the club will help out on campus is by contributing to other organizations. If other clubs and organizations need a great fundraising idea, we will gladly donate shirts to their purpose. These can be used as raffles or any other fundraiser they may need them for."

What is the Ivory Ella Club goal? 

"We set a goal to raise $500 by the end of 2017 with fundraisers and other events we plan to hold on campus. This club will donate that money to the philanthropies that Ivory Ella supports as well as other charitable causes."


Why should people join this club? 

"People should join this club because as the Ivory Ella motto is 'Good Clothes for a Good Cause', this club will follow that and help continue the good work the organization is doing. By donating money to those in need, spreading the word about saving the elephants, and helping others on campus- Ivory Ella Club will make a difference at Sacred Heart. If people like to help others in new ways, this is the perfect club for them." 


What does this organization mean to you? 

"As president, this organization means a lot. I started working at Ivory Ella around late May 2015. I started off in customer service, then began to train others before I came back to school. The first year of Ivory Ella was tough because it became very popular very fast, which caused us to be behind about 2,000 orders most weeks, due to how fast the orders were coming in. Now, Ivory Ella is so efficient that as soon as you submit your order, it is already being packaged and sent. I created this club because I will be graduating in the Fall and want Ivory Ella to remain on campus for as long as possible." 


Where can someone win Ivory Ella apparel on campus? 

We have several social media accounts where giveaways are constantly posted: 

Twitter: @SHUIvoryElla 

Snapchat: @SHUIvoryElla 

Facebook: @IvoryEllaSHU 

Instagram: @SHUIvory_Ella 

We will also be holding giveaways around campus. 


How can someone join and when are the meetings for Ivory Ella Club? 

"If you wish to join, add the Ivory Ella Club Members group on Facebook and attend any of the meetings. We meet bi-weekly on Wednesdays."


If you want to make a positive impact at Sacred Heart University, in the community, and around the world- start by purchasing Ivory Ella apparel or joining the Ivory Ella Club on campus. Making a difference has never been this fun!