Intrusive Man Knocks on Students' Windows: Sacred Heart University Students Speak Up

Knock Knock. Who's There? In the past month, there have been several reported incidences of a man trespassing onto the property of Sacred Heart University students who live in off-campus housing. So far, the man is known to have knocked on the windows of several residences on Old Town Road, Madison Avenue, and Tina Circle in Bridgeport, Connecticut. The “window knocker” seems to be targeting women specifically. The suspect is said to be driving a black Ford Escape with New York registration and yellow fog lights, but he has not yet been identified.

Last week on Madison Avenue, four young women had their first experience with the window knocker. The victim reported waking up to the sound of knocking on her window. Thinking she must have imagined the noises, she went back to sleep. However, the noises persisted. After realizing someone was actually at her window, the Sacred Heart University student immediately ran into her roommate’s room and called 911. Unfortunately, the man was able to escape before the police arrived. Luckily, the girls have an alarm system in their house to prevent the risk of any break-ins. When asked how she felt after this experience, the victim stated, “It scares me that he is still out there, and I am afraid of him coming back or harming anyone else. I hope the police find him soon so that we can all feel safer.” We then asked her to share any safety precautions she and her roommates have taken since the incident. She explained, “My roommates and I are making sure every window and door is locked and the alarm is set, along with making sure that we travel in pairs at night. Make sure you're never walking from your car to your house alone, and be aware of your surroundings--especially at night.”

Another group of girls living on Old Town Road have had multiple experiences with the window knocker. After their first encounter with the man, they had a security system and motion sensor lights installed. However, according to the victims, the suspect has tampered with these light fixtures to avoid being caught. The girls have stocked up on mace for protection purposes, but they still do not sleep much these days. After seeing the stalker on three different occasions, Sarah,* a junior at Sacred Heart explains, “We’re over the scared part. Now we just want to catch him.”

Yet another female student rehashes her experience with the stalker for us: “About two weeks ago, my housemate came upstairs to tell me she heard a knock on her window. We didn’t think too much of it because we always have animals in our backyard. But, when I looked out the window, I saw that a man was looking into our bathroom at another girl in my house. We called the cops immediately. They searched the house, but the man had left by then. Since then, we had an alarm system installed, and we are all just very cautious of our surroundings. The school has been great and Public Safety drives around our neighborhood often.

Remember to utilize the university's "blue light" call system when on-campus. If you are ever in need of assitance, pressing the button notifies Public Safety that you need help right away.


            Guys are even starting to speak up about this issue. One SHU male says he feels like this “window creeper” is causing a lot of panic for students living in the Bridgeport and Fairfield area. He adds, “I think that certain precautions should be taken by everyone. This man is robbing residents of their peace of mind. He obviously does not understand the effects of his actions. Now that people know about this man, they can take proper steps toward protecting themselves in the future.”

College gives us the opportunity to find independence but, with that independence, comes responsibility. Responsibility for our own safety and well-being remains a top priority. Below are a few safety tips everyone should consider using:

1. Download the “SHU SAFE” app. This app is an emergency communication tool between the university community and campus security. For more information, follow the link:

2. Always shut and lock all windows and doors, especially at night.

3. Consider adding motion sensor lighting to the exterior of your residence.

4. Put down the phone and be aware of your surroundings. Don't hesitate to ask for an escort when walking to your car alone.

5. If you feel threatened, do not stop to wonder if you are overreacting...Call Public Safety.

6. Do not leave valuable items out in the open.

7. Travel in groups. Never walk alone at night.



Anyone with information regarding this situation is asked to call Bridgeport Police at (203)- 581- 5100 or Sacred Heart Public Safety at (203)-371-7995. 




* indicates names have been changed