Impulse Purchases Everyone Makes at Target

Target is one of those stores that carries just about everything. It’s one of those places you don’t even know what you “need” until you get there. “I swear I’m not going to buy anything” is the motto when walking into target, only to find yourself walking out with at least 5 shopping bags. Here are just some of the impulse purchases we’re all guilty of making:


1. Stationary

Even though you already bought all the school supplies you need you can’t resist the cute marble stationary with your initial on it… even though you really don’t need it and will probably never use it.


2. Candles

Although you already have more than enough and a growing collection, you can’t help but to buy one of the new scents, even though you already have 5 backups waiting to be burned at home.


3. Makeup

Ahhhh the glorious beauty section of Target. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s nearly impossible to not browse through this section. Looking through all the new beauty products always finds a way of convincing me I have to have them.


4. Clothes

All the graphic tees with cute slogans and great prices always finds a way to suck you in. Only $10 for a T-shirt! Why not?! As if I don’t already have enough clothes in my closet at home.


5. Mugs

Target has the best selection of mugs, which always happen to have the most relatable sayings on them. Most of them are no more than $5 each so how could you resist adding another to the collection?


6. Bedroom Decor

Even though you already decorated your bedroom, it is so hard to resist the Home section of target. You always end up convincing yourself that you “need” that item to tie your whole room together.


7. Starbucks

Can you ever not go to target without visiting the convenient Starbucks located inside? It’s perfect because now you’re tired from doing all that unnecessary shopping and could use an extra boost of caffeine!