I'm a Founding Sister of Kappa Alpha Theta

Amongst the many other sororities and fraternities at Sacred Heart University, Kappa Alpha Theta is an all women’s fraternity. Founded in January of 1870, it was the first all women’s greek organization on a college campus. The founder of Kappa Alpha Theta, Bettie Locke Hamilton, did not want to be a “mascot” or “honorary little sister” of her brother’s fraternity, so she started her own. She started this organization with her three friends to give women a group that would lift them up, and support them through academic endeavors and every aspect of their lives.  

When I found out that a new women’s fraternity was coming to campus, I was so excited. I would have the chance to be a founding member at SHU! I had the opportunity to start an organization from the ground up with all new rituals and traditions. I patiently waited until October when formal recruitment for Kappa Alpha Theta started and I was all in. The fraternity’s slogan is “Leading Women” which intrigued me a lot. 

As a millennial and a feminist, I wanted to be apart of something that I could thrive in. I knew Theta would be right for me because the ELCs, Cambria and Abbie, were so accommodating and willing to help during the interviews and recruitment process. As soon as I started going to recruitment and informational events, I got a such a warm feeling from the organization. Every woman I met at the interviews and panels were down to earth and truly dedicated to the personal excellence and growth of the fraternity’s members. I was never nervous during recruitment, and I never felt like I had to act or look a certain way. 

With initiation coming up this weekend, I am becoming acclimated into Theta and learning new rituals and traditions of Kappa Alpha Theta. Sisterhood is a very important part of being a Theta and it feels great to have girls I can depend on for advice and tips. 

Another extremely valued part of being a Theta is the service work with CASA (court appointed special advocate). CASA works with children coming in and out of foster care who do not have suitable home lives. A court appointed advocate is given to those children to get to know them and advocate in court for what they think is the best plan of action for the child. Kappa Alpha Theta helps fundraise for CASA, and helps provides small tokens to the children like Thanksgiving cards or Christmas toys. 

Being a member of Kappa Alpha Theta at Sacred Heart means giving back to your community, taking care of your sisters, being a leading woman, and achieving personal excellence. I am excited to officially become an initiated member this Saturday!

Looking to go greek this spring? Think Theta.