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I Tried John Freida’s “Go Blonder” Spray on Dark Hair and This is What Happened 

So, we are almost done with the teeth-chattering cold that the winter months bring, and super close to the warmer, sunnier spring weather that we have been waiting for since the fall. With the winter comes pale, dry skin, and mediocre hair! I have naturally deep brown hair with natural highlights that come and go with the seasons, but I was looking to lighten up my hair a little. I discovered John Freida’s “Go Blonder” lightening spray and HAD to give it a shot! Keep reading to hear what happened! 

On the bottle, the directions state that this product should NOT be used on brown hair of any kind. I understood why this was said because if you have brown hair and have never used Sun-In, you know exactly what the result is: orange hair! I was scared to purchase the product until I read a review from a fellow brunette that stated that this product brought her all the way to an ashy blonde! I was shocked and had to give it a go. 

The directions say to spray on damp, towel-dried hair and comb through, evenly distributing the spray on all parts of the hair. Then, you could either blow-dry your hair or sit in the sun to activate the ingredients, which mainly are hydrogen peroxide and lemon extract. I did this after every shower for one week, and the results came out way different than what I was expecting! 

At first, I didn’t see a change at all. But, after 4-5 uses, my natural blonde and light brown highlights popped out like never before! While walking to class, I would bump into friends that would immediately ask if I got my hair dyed! I have never dyed my hair so this was a crazy comment that I ended up loving! Natural daylight really brings out the results! 

In conclusion, if you’re a brunette, use the product wisely for the best, sun-kissed results (I have not used this product in a week and my highlights are still there, so you do not want to overdo it!) This product worked so well on my hair that I can only imagine the wonders it does for blondes! Another perk? This spray is only $11. That’s AMAZING. 

So, if you’re tired of the winter making you look dark and mysterious when you really want to be sun-kissed and golden, reach for this spray next time you’re in the haircare aisle! You will surely not regret it.

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Nina Lauria

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Nina is a Biology major with a Chemistry minor on the Physician's Assistant track. She has always loved medicine just as much as fashion and blogging. Nina hopes to one day concentrate in Pediatric Oncology and help find a cure for cancer!
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