How to Spend Your Leftover Declining Dollars

This is the closest to Donald Trump that you’ll ever be. There are two types of people at SHU: there are those who blow all their declining dollars in the first month and must live off the land (or worse … swipes) for the remainder of the year, and there are those who venture into Outtakes only 3x a semester and notice they still have $500+ dollars in their account by December or May.

1. Pay for your friends

Not everyone is as fortunate (or money savvy) as you. Those with greatest need: coffee drinkers and athletes. Coffee drinkers forget that their $5 dollar Starbucks coffees add up - the real price of addiction. Athletes slave away at practice for hours and work up an appetite. Seriously, this is the easiest way to “give back” to your fellow Pioneers.

2. Explore Outtakes

If you’re not much of a snacker, you should explore the other offerings at outtakes. Did you know they have things like cough syrup, laundry detergent, and body soap? These items are way overpriced compared to the local Stop & Shop, but hey it’s better then just giving your money back to SHU or letting it sit on your card. 

3. Use declining dollars as swipes

If 63s is more your style, you probably have a lot of extra declining dollars, and no more precious swipes. Life changing news: you can convert your declining dollars into swipes! Just ask whoever’s working to use your declining dollars instead of a swipe. 

4. Actually donate

Towards the end of the year, donation boxes are put outside of Outtakes. You can buy canned foods and they will be donated!

5. Treat Yo Self!

If all else fails, treat yo self. Buy the Ben & Jerry’s. It’s almost finals; you get a free pass. ‘Cause girl you earned it, and you deserve it.