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How to Plan an Unforgettable Birthday for Your Bestie

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Sacred Heart chapter.

Happy New Year HerCampusers! The new semester has begun, and it is time for all the winter birthdays.  Now that we’re back with our school friends, it is time to celebrate the early birds of the year. Start your friend group’s birthdays whether they’re turning 21 or 19 off to a great start.

First thing’s first: a theme!  This is totally optional, but for my friend’s 21st (she was the first one!) we went with a Barbie/ pink theme. We got her a pink dress, pink decorations, pink cake, the whole house was covered in pink! We said no gifts… but since it was a surprise party we HAD to provide her with the appropriate attire!

All of the guests wore pink too. Amazon had a great birthday decorating package that came with balloons, a photo wall garland, happy birthday sign, streamers, even a birthday sash.

All of the food was pink too! We went all out and ordered some (good for Connecticut) Goodfellas pizza and we even had fondue. (If you have the machine, it is super easy. ) Throw some semi-sweet chocolate chips in there, mix them around until they’re melted, and dip whatever you want inside. It was a yummy addition to the dessert course.

We played games, danced, sang happy birthday, all in our house! With all the snow going on and it being so cold, sometimes it is nice to stay in with friends and have a good time celebrating a great occasion.

 If the guest of honor doesn’t like being the center of attention or isn’t much of a theme gal, you can tone down the vibe a little. In the end, it is the idea and thought that counts.

I hope these ideas resonate with you in a special way and now you can plan some killer birthday parties for your friends!

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