How to Make Your Room Cozier for Fall

Fall is quickly approaching, which means Halloween movie marathons in your cozy room with your best friends! Here are a few tips to make your room cozier for Fall! 


1. Mood Lighting 

String lights, candles, and a bedside lamp instantly makes any room cozier. Getting rid of that overhead lighting will immediately make all the difference without having to break the bank. 


Tip: Lining the door with string lights is a quick and cute look for any girls room!


2. Pillows Pillows Pillows

Make your bed look ten times comfier and fall ready by layering pillows!! The more pillows on your comforter the better, the more you want to cuddle up with hot chocolate and have a 13 Nights of Halloween binge sesh!


Tip: A few floor pillows can also look super cute and comfy around your room!


3. Soft Rug

A big and soft rug by your bed will add another dimension to the soft and warm look of the room. 


Tip: If your room is on the simple side, a nice statement rug can help elevate the aesthetic and add to the warm fall goal!


4. Comfy Comforters!!

A large comforter with make you never want to leave your bed once under the covers. 


Tip: To make it even more warm and inviting, add a soft throw blanket or two at the bottom of the bed.


5. Curtains

Windows with nothing around them or just blinds can make a room seem unfinished or cold. Therefore, adding fall curtains will warm up your space.


Tip: Using neutral and warm toned curtains will enhance the cozy atmosphere.


6. Plug in fireplace

If you are willing to splurge on your fall themed room, investing in a plug-in fireplace for your room will definitely make it Fall and winter ready! The buy will be well worth it.


Tip: Place the fireplace against the wall across from the bottom of your bed to help you stay warm when under the covers


7. Accessorize!

Buying a wreath, fall signs, and more will help you get into the Halloween/ Thanksgiving/ Fall mood and make your room looking adorable.


Just one of these tips will elevate your room for Fall and make your room look better than ever!