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How to Make Being ‘Home for the Holidays’ a Positive Experience

The holidays are some of the most rewarding, yet time-consuming moments of the year spent frantically shopping, decorating, and celebrating with those closest to our hearts. However, as incredibly exciting as the holidays are for some, they can be stressful times for others. Growing up in a small family, I always felt as if I was missing out on the festivities of the holiday season, while comparing myself to families with matching pajamas and big celebrations with all their relatives. Yet in my experience, holidays have usually been celebrated with only three of us: my mom, my dad, and myself. Throughout the years as I have grown older, I began to realize that the holidays are so much more than what you see depicted through social media. The holidays are a time to reflect, to appreciate what we have, and to spread compassion to those we love, especially amid a pandemic. Since this winter break is significantly longer than past ones – let me do my part in sharing my favorite ways to enjoy being ‘Home for the Holidays’ throughout the next two months.

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1. Take a Social Media Cleanse –

The holidays are a time to thoroughly appreciate the present moment with those we care about; therefore, it would be a perfect time to separate yourself from all social media, in moderation of course (holiday TikTok dances are too fun). By taking a break from social media you can limit how much you compare yourself to other families during these times while cherishing what is in front of you. Our families, despite how small, have not seen us for months on end, and deserve our full attention while we are home for the time being. This period is ideal for personal growth and reflection – I personally enjoy “soul searching” during the holiday season as preparation to reinvent myself come new year. Besides detoxing from social media, take some time to set goals and expectations for yourself to evolve heading into this new year.


2. Indulge Yourself in the Holiday Spirit –

If you feel like a “Grinch” during the holiday season, chances are you need to spend some time indulging in festive activities to get yourself in the holiday spirit. This can be done through decorating, cooking festive meals with yourself/family, watching spirited movies, enjoying the weather change, and ultimately maintaining a positive attitude. If you are someone who often feels sad around the holidays as they prolong, it is important that you try to live in the moment as much as possible through utilizing this time for positive celebration. 

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3. Stay Connected to Loved Ones –

As emphasized, whether noticeable or not, the holidays are a stressful period for everyone. Though it is easy to get carried away with our time during the holidays – try and stay connected to loved ones who may need it most during the holidays! From my experience, though my family is not the most spirited during this time, I try my best to seek celebration through my close friends instead; I always feel special when they check up on me or invite me to celebrate with them and their families. In the midst of Coronavirus, a lot of people close to us are struggling silently with the pandemic looming over their spirit, so take this time to spread holiday cheer to those who you think could appreciate some extra love during these times.

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As stressful as these times can be, despite celebrating the holidays from six-feet-apart, I know together we can make the most out of the next two months. This is your time to spend enjoying the company of loved ones and your own! Use this time wisely, it can be a very valuable time to grow invested within the spirit of the holidays (:

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