How to De-Stress Before Finals

Finals season is quickly approaching! In the next three weeks, the entire Sacred Heart University student body will be running around campus, cramming last-minute study sessions, and downing lots of coffee. As professors hand out last-minute assignments or extra credit opportunities, the stress continues to keep piling up. It can be very challenging to stay focused for multiple hours. Personally, I am a big fan of taking small breaks to allow myself to regroup. Here is a list of my favorite things to do that help me de-stress while preparing myself for big tests. 


1. Watch an episode on Netflix.

There is such a variety of shows to watch on Netflix! From 20-minute to 45-minute episodes, it is perfect for everyone depending on the length of time they want their break to last. Some examples of great shows on Netflix are Friends, New Girl, Gilmore Girls, and Glee. 


2. Coloring 

One of my favorite things to do is color; coloring is a form of art therapy that helps reduce anxiety and practice wellness. Coloring is a calming activity that lets our brains rest before cramming more information into it. Coloring books are sold on Amazon and can even be digitally purchased in an App Store. My personal favorite coloring app is called - Color by Number Art and it is free to download from the App Store! 


3. Workout 

Working out is another great way to relieve stress. Science shows us that exercise produces endorphins, which help us sleep, and can reduce our stress levels. Two of my favorite exercises to engage in to help de-stress are spinning and yoga. 


4. Try out a new recipe 

During finals season, it is super important to stay hydrated and eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. Trying out a new recipe or even cooking an old recipe that you love is a great way to rewind after a long day of studying. 

Final season is the worst but it's important for everyone to remember to hydrate, eat and get lots of sleep. On the bright side once you hand in your last final, it's summer vacation!