How to Cope with a Breakup

Love is what makes the world go around; it’s the cherry on top of life. When you fall for a significant other it may feel scary at first, but eventually it becomes almost exhilarating; a roller coaster ride you can’t get off, in which I should know. You share secrets, first times, memories, and a love nothing can compare to. Well at least that was my experience. While you are in a relationship you never seem to picture it ending, then suddenly without realizing it, the relationship comes to an end. The person who you thought would be in your life forever, has left you with a tub of ice cream and tears in your eyes. However, it is these heartbreaks that we endure that shape us into who we are supposed to be. People are in your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. The one consistent person in your life is yourself, and throughout this hardship it is important to give yourself some love along the way of your coping. 


1. There is no time limit for healing

A breakup is one of the hardest things you can endure, especially when you don’t give yourself permission to feel everything that comes your way. In most situations, partners are quick to pretend their moved on and suppress intense feelings they may have. Don’t be that partner. As important as it is to move on and continue living life, it is also very important to express how you feel and take in those last few memories; shed those last few tears & look at those last few pictures before you begin a healthy new chapter.  Eventually, you will be able to look back on your relationship knowing that it was a memory worthwhile because you would have processed all you needed to. 


2. Build a support group

While in relationships, our boyfriend or girlfriend should also be our best friend. Sometimes when invested in our significant other so much we forget about the other valuable people in our lives. Therefore, when your significant other is no longer in your life, you may feel as though you have no one to express that too. The worst thing you can do is keep depressive feelings to yourself. It is best to talk things out with people you trust. Breakups give us the opportunity to expand our horizons and reach out to people we normally wouldn’t. 


3. Distract. Distract. Distract.  

Throughout the breakup, it is often helpful to keep yourself busy in whatever that may mean to you. In college, it is often easy to keep distracted with workload, extracurricular activities, and the social atmosphere of being away. Sitting in sorrow is necessary, but it is also important to move on with your life and create new memories to replace the old.

Breakups are hard, but necessary for growth. You will learn more than you can imagine and it will only get you closer to your destiny!