Holiday Gift-Giving Ideas for College Girls

The holiday season has arrived, and we all know that means you want to show your family, friends, and loved ones that they are special to you. Even the smallest gifts can mean the most, but sometimes it may be hard to put together a gift because you want it to be an amazing surprise, worthy of putting a smile on another person’s face. Here are some ideas for everyone on a budget during this hectic time for shopping and holiday gift giving. 


Beauty Bundle: 

Some easy items that can be added to a gift or can be combined to make one beautiful gift, are bath bombs, body butter, body washes, luffas, assorted glosses, nail polishes, or all-over body glow. There are many different face masks, including mud, charcoal, and gold masks that can benefit the skin’s pores depending upon someone’s need for hydration, exfoliation, or relaxation. One underrated gift in the beauty department are the advent makeup calendars that are opened each day for a new beauty product gift. (This gift should be given before the countdown for 12 days of Christmas begins, but I highly recommend buying one for yourself. You would get the opportunity to try new products you've maybe never have tried.) 

This is the 12 Days of Beauty Gift Set which can be found at Ulta for $18. 


Fuzzy Favorites: 

Since the weather is only getting chillier, it’s thoughtful to gift a cute sweater, scarfs, blankets, and fuzzy socks. When giving gloves, remember that the must-have feature is the texting tips on the fingers. Slippers, pajama sets, or a robe may the perfect addition to any gift because we all need to relax when all this shopping is over. Don’t forget about pom-poms; whether they are on top of a hat, or connected to a key chain- they have become very fashionable and fun to play with. 

This Pom Beanie can be found at American Eagle Outfitters for under $15. 


Sweet Sentiments: 

Homemade or personalized gifts show you put extra time and effort into your gift, which never goes unnoticed. A personal touch represents the love that went into the creation. Some ideas include handmade ornaments, pictures with hand-painted frames, or tickets to a Christmas show in the city. If you are looking for more ideas, look to Pinterest for homemade gifts anywhere from lip balm to snow globes. 


Christmas Candies and Cookies: 

An easy item to give or add to a gift is a candy cane, or batch of homemade cookies. Try eggnog snickerdoodles, peppermint kiss cookies, double-chocolate caramel, sugar cookie whoopee pies, or even simple gingerbread men decorated in icing and sprinkles. Some candies to make are Resse’s stuffed snowballs, peanut brittle, cinnamon rock candy, gingerbread swirl fudge or chocolate covered pretzels. There are endless creations to be made with a Christmas twist. Some candies and cookies can only be made at this time of the year, which makes it exciting. 


Little Surprises: 

Some of the best presents are the simple but meaningful items that are sometimes hard to find. These can be stocking stuffers or little add-ons that enhance the quality of a gift. Examples include: light up chargers (preferably Christmas lights or snowflakes along the charger cord), seasonal candles, instant snow, Christmas themed cozies, mini stockings, holiday mugs, Christmas wine glass tutus, and candy cane shaped ice molds. To find the mini surprise you are looking for, think of the unique qualities of the person you are buying for, and find a gift they will love but never knew they needed. Clever yet simple items add a personal touch. 

The endless combinations that can be put together to create such special gifts for the people we love should not be the stressful part of this holiday season. The freedom we have towards making someone else’s Christmas wonderful, highlights why giving to others is such a gift. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!