The Highs and Lows of Recruitment

Yes, that crazy time of the 'sorority girl' year has come and gone, but the recruitment memories will stay with us for the rest of the semester.

At Sacred Heart University, the weekend of recruitment seems to be a three-day trip to another world. The world of heels, small talk, philanthropies, and glitter.

The lows get to be pretty low when you think about it. You wake up at ungodly hours to shower, blow dry your hair, and put yourself together. The only thing you have in your body for 5+ hours is a Dunkin’ iced coffee. Your feet go numb after the first two rounds and you are forced to wobble around the room from conversation to conversation. Decorating the rooms is another story in itself. Making a dull classroom room go from 0 to 100 is an art, and some girls have mastered it to the point where they can make a crown out of Christmas lights! Then suddenly you wake up Monday morning after the weekend, with no voice, a cold, and a headache the size of an elephant because you are dehydration and loss of sleep has added up to new heights. 

The highs of the weekend are endless though. Finding girls that you could be separated at birth from. Getting to look your best for 3 days straight. Talking about one thing you were made to talk about: your sorority. Getting pictures that you will be able to post for months. And lastly, getting to spend the whole weekend not only getting to know new girls better, but getting to know your sisters better.

Sometimes you get caught up in the formals and events and forget why you are all together. Every sorority has a philanthropy and during this weekend you see how it plays out in people’s everyday life. I am a Zeta and our philanthropy is breast cancer awareness and education. Over the weekend so many girls came through that had stories involving our philanthropy and some girls even knew about us before the weekend. It is shocking to hear about how much of an impact we make on the community and that is one of the best parts.


Whether you are hitting a high or hitting a low during this crazy weekend you never ever want to miss it. Being a part of Greek of life is always worth the highs and lows.