Here's How You Know You've Found Your Bridesmaids in College 

If you’re like me, you still have your besties from home. You still tell every little detail about your life to them, and you'll always love them- but you also have made that same unexplainable bond with your college girls. My college besties understand me on a new level, and they’re my family when I’m away from my own. I know they will be there for me until the end, and they are definitely going to be the ones standing next to me on my wedding day… that is, if I can ever find the groom! Here are 10 signs why I know for sure that I have found my future bridesmaids. 


1. When that one song comes on and all you do is just give each other “the look” and the rest does the talking…or singing (for us it’s Black Eyed Peas’s “My Humps”) 


2. They’re the ones that influence you to take that 5th shot, even though you’re already on the floor. 


3. They’re your biggest cheerleaders. Especially during a very intense game of flip cup. They won't hesitate to scream in your ear when you win.

4. You have your very own secret language that if anyone else heard, they would probably think you’ve gone insane. 


5. On those Sunday mornings when you talk about how crappy your lives are, there’s nothing better than moping on the couch together.


6. You can be brutally honest with them, and they won't get offended because they understand you have their best interests at heart.


7. You basically dislike all the same people…aka the boys that have ruined your lives (well not really ruined but, you get it). 


8. Your bathroom trips in the middle of the party are always a huge occasion that for sure cause a scene at every party.


9. You have become each other’s personal FBI agents by creeping on the Instagram of the girl that talks to their ex. 


10. But most of all, you’re each others go to for everything, and without each other you’d be lost.

If any of these relate to your friend group, then you've found your squad. The girls that will be there through it all. The rehearsal dinner, toasts, and throwing of the bouquet... they will love you through it all.