Halloween Costume Trends at SHU 2017

Oh, Halloween. The one day we can dress up and anything and everything, and not be silently judged for it! But seriously, Halloween is a fun and exciting holiday where people across the country dress up as their favorite characters. At Sacred Heart, students got very creative, and had amazing costumes to say the least! Here are a few of the looks that Pioneers sported.

1. Mummy

A classic Halloween costume, a mummy is both fun to wear but also really easy to make! You don’t have to spend $50+ on an actual mummy costume when you could buy the materials at your local Target! To achieve a simple, yet ~spooky~ mummy look, buy several rolls of gauze! Rolls can be purchased in bulk on Amazon, too! And from there, be creative! Wrap the gauze around you’re body in any design you like to create your very own avant-garde inspired mummy masterpiece. 

2. Rocker Girl 

All you needed for this one was an edgy band tee and fishnet leggings...so easy!

3. Botched (Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong)

Okay, so I did not ever think of this a costume idea originally. In fact, it was so last minute which made the costume even more fun! I was watching my favorite E! show, “Botched," when I came up with the idea to actually dress up as a botched client! Most of the stuff I wore was already in my closet, but feel free to add your own twists! I bought rolls of gauze from Target and wrapped the gauze around my chest to resemble a tube top. From there, I wore black ripped jeans and heeled black ankle boots to keep the focus on my makeup and the gauze top. This is a hilarious, and fun costume that anyone can pull off! I think Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif would be proud. 

4. Three Blind Mice

Pinterest-inspired group costumes are always a winner - especially this ~punny~ idea!

5. Wine Bags

This was such a funny costume. Every college girl (& every other girl for that matter) is obsessed with wine. Whether it be pink moscato, pinot grigio, or some classic chardonnay, wine is truly the key to any girl’s heart. So, why not express your love for wine by dressing up as Franzia?! This is definitely an easy costume to make if you have a last-minute Halloween party to go to with your friends! Just buy a solid bodycon dress, and tape a printed Franzia label to the dress. Then wrap a clear garbage bag around your waist (and make it look pretty), then you’re done! You are now your favorite drink. If only we could show our love for wine like this every day. 

6. The Purge

The Purge-related costumes were seen all over college campuses this year not only because they’re creepy AF, but because the materials to make the costume are probably already in your closest #ballingonabudget! Well, maybe besides the mask. All you need for this costume is a mask of your choice, an oversized white tee, fishnet tights, and black shoes. Ta-da! You’re ready to take over halloweekend!


7. Salt, Tequila & Lime

Enough said.


Halloween is such an exciting time of the year, between the pumpkin spice, the apple picking, and, of course, the costumes. The costumes at SHU this season were nothing short of unique. It was truly the best Halloweekend yet! ‘Til next time!