Group Halloween Costumes for College Girls

Halloween is right around the corner, and that means costumes! As exciting as that is, it is also extremely stressful. Are you stuck trying to figure out what to be? And even worse, agreeing on an idea with your girl group? This is the constant cycle that happens year after year, and that's where I jump in! Below are some cute costume ideas that hopefully you and your friends can agree on. You also might already have a lot of the basics for these costumes in your closets-- so get creative and have fun with it! 


1. Space Aliens- Because you and your friends are out of this world! 


This is such a cool costume idea that you can get really creative with! For makeup lovers, the sparkles and bright colors are sure to be a treat. The costume can be put together with galaxy designed metallic leggings and a simple crop top. For the final touch-- rock some space buns! 


2. Unicorns 


Now you can bring your childhood dream alive.... unicorns! You and your friends can make your own unicorn inspired head bands and get glam with lots of pink sparkles! The makeup here is everything! You can wear a simple all white outfit, but make it super trendy with a white oversized sweatshirt as a dress and over the knee boots. 


3. Emojis

This is such a simple yet fun costume! Everyone in your girl-gang can pick their favorite emoji. It's as easy as designing a yellow t-shirt, and then you're good to go! 


4. Gumball Machines

This is such a cute Halloween costume for you and your girls and it uses simple pieces you probably already have! What can be better? A red skirt or shorts, paired with a crop top covered in colored cotton balls. 


5. Deck of Cards 

This costume is perfect for a large group of girls! It can be dressed up or dressed down, as seen in these two images. 


6. Minions

Grab your denim overalls, yellow beanie and t-shirt, and tadaaaa you and your girls are ready to go! This is such a fun costume that helps you bring out your inner child, and there is no limit on how many people can take part in the fun! 


7. Heaven and Hell  

This one is for you and your bestie who decide to go as a pair! It should be easy to decide who is the devil and angel of your pair. This is so simple to create, as you might already have a black or white dress! If you or your bestie really want to go all out, you can do a really cool makeup look like the one above. 


8. Groups of 3 

a. 3 Blind Mice  

Who doesn’t love the opportunity to wear all black?! You and your group of 3 can be the Three Blind Mice! This is such a cute and easy group costume. I am sure most of you have many of these pieces in your closets. 

b. Alvin and the Chipmunks 

If you and your friends love Alvin and the Chipmunks and their sound track, then this costume is for you! Channel your inner Alvin, Theodore, and Simon for the night and look cute while doing so. Only a simple oversized t-shirt is needed! 


9. Groups of 4 

a. The 4 Seasons 

This is such a cute costume to DIY. Have everyone pick their favorite season and design your costumes together. You can even do really cool makeup for each season since they involve different colors! If you really want to add a 5th person to this group, they can be mother nature and dress in green leaves. 


b. The Cheetah Girls 

This is a costume I wish I had thought of sooner. I have loved the Cheetah Girls since the first movie came out. Grab your girls and buy velour sweat suits and cheetah headbands. This is a comfy and cute costume that everyone at the party will love. 


10. Groups of 5 

a. Spice Girls 

This group costume is so much fun! If you and your friends jam out to the Spice Girls all of the time, then you must dress up as them, and you won't disappoint. 


b. Social Media Logos

With so many social media platforms to choose from like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Pinterest, this costume can work for groups up to 5! 


11. Groups of 7 

a. Seven Dwarves  

This is a fun costume to be able to assign everyone a dwarf based on their personality. Grab a beanie and pair it with denim shorts or a t-shirt dress and you are set!


Hopefully these ideas will help you and your gal pals rule Halloween!