Give the Best Gifts This Holiday!

The holidays are always such a fun and amazing time of year. It can, however, sometimes be difficult to think of gifts good enough for the people you love so much. So if you are a little lost on what to get your friends and family, here are a few tips/ideas to help you along the way!



Oftentimes, when I try to figure out what to get someone, I just can’t think of a gift that really shows them how much they mean to me. I have found though, that if I separate myself from the pressure of a gift to match their personality, I can figure out a great gift. Doing this will help clear your mind and allow you to dive into great ideas!

For example, just start listing all the things you can think of that they like/dislike/enjoy from all things food to music to absolutely anything. Once you’ve written everything, just look over them and think what kind of gift you can make from that.

I used this method for one of my best friends. I know she loves David Bowie, so I got her a trippy David Bowie poster for her dorm!



You can customize anything to make it personal/funny/cute and a great holiday gift. If a relative likes clothes, you can maybe customize a tie or place a sentimental picture on a hoodie or shirt. You can customize pretty much anything from clothes to mugs, bags, pillows, blankets, and much more!


Mini Gifts

Don’t feel pressured to get one big amazing present; you can instead find a bunch of little cute things that made you think of them or you thought they would enjoy. You can maybe get them a cute purse/backpack/basket and fill it with little things like a photo album, bracelets, stickers, cute blanket, hot cocoa mix, anything!



You can never go wrong with getting someone a cute pajama set, or anything cozy like a fuzzy coat or Nike sports hoodie.


Scavenger Hunt

Lead a trail of gifts with a map for the person to add a fun adventure to the gift giving.