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Get the Ultimate Skin Care Routine for $45

The stress of midterms paired with the brutal winter weather has finally caught up to me… especially to my skin. I have found myself cycling through beauty products all winter trying to find the best combination in order to have a complete and effective PM skin care routine and I have finally nailed it with these four products (which are conveniently all available on amazon.com).

A bonus about this regimen is that when generic drug store items just don’t seem to cut it, and luxury beauty is simply not within your college budget, these are the number one high quality but affordable products you can go for!


1. Remove your game face (or makeup) with the yes to grapefruit brightening makeup wipe. This is the number one and probably the most unforgettable steps for any skincare regimen. If you don’t start your skincare routine with a clean canvas, then it is all for nothing! These wipes will dissolve the makeup on your face, all while brightening your complexion with the added bonus of grape fruit extract. These wipes are available onamazon for only $3.29 so don’t be afraid to stock up!

2. Cleanse your face with this gentle Mario Badescu Cleansing Milk. While we all love a good exfoliator, it’s not practical or healthy to exfoliate your skin every night…especially during cold winter months where your skin in its driest and most irritable state. Instead, use this cleanser which notably includes rice oil and vitamin E which will work together to soften and plump your skin while cleansing, leaving you with a healthy glow rather than any unwanted redness and irritation. This cleanser is available on amazon for only $12.00… making our skincare routine thus far $15.29!

3. Get rid of any and all signs of wear, stress, lack of sleep and all with The Ordinary’s Caffeine Solution. I have tried everything to get rid of under-eye bags and puffiness, from under eye patches, to night masks and cooling sticks, but I have yet to find anything that truly soothes puffy under eyes like this solution. Apply the serum to your under eyes before bed and wake up looking like you’ve been getting a full eight hours of sleep all week. Find this solution on amazon for $12.85 and add it to the previous two steps for a total of $28.14.

4. Finally, save the best step for last and hydrate and nourish your face back to life with a personal favorite of mine: The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Night Cream. This thing is a hidden gem and absolute miracle worker. The vitamin E in the formula works while you sleep to brighten and plump your skin and leaves your skin feeling noticeably softer in the morning. I have been putting this on every night for two years and continue to wake up with completely hydrated and refreshed skin. This moisturizer is available on amazon as well for $17.60 add this to your routine and you are completely ready for bed at the total price of $45.74!

Shannon Sweeney

Sacred Heart

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