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Life can be HARD and doesn’t always go according to our plan, but that doesn’t
mean we have to put ourselves down for it. Failure can be really difficult to navigate
because it is very rare that someone else cares so deeply about our “failures” in the
same way that we do. So, when we fail, it can be so easy to isolate ourselves and feel
like there’s no way out. Good news is, it doesn’t need to be that way! Failure is simply
defined as a “lack of success”, so all we have to do when we feel is re-establish that
feeling of success in our lives. How do we do that? By getting aligned with our feelings
and our needs.

Start having solution oriented conversations with yourself daily, asking questions
like, “what can I do today that will make me feel successful?”, or “what do I need from
today, and how can I fulfill that need?”. When you have these conversations, you will
slowly (with time, practice, and patience) begin to notice that your body provides you
with internal cues to solve your “problems”, meet your needs, and make you feel
successful! For example, if my answer to those above questions are to study for my
upcoming exam and go to bed early, I may find I have increased focus and get sleepy
by 10 o’clock at night. These internal cues, however, will only continue to show up for us
if we actually honor them. So, let your body provide for you, and follow the path that it
creates, even when it’s hard to. It will be easier to follow them in no time, and the
balance in your life will come with it!

When you are aligned with your feelings and needs, you are more aware of all
the things you “need” to do in order to feel successful, which limits the opportunity for
those feelings of failure to creep up on you. Still remember, life isn’t perfect and it
doesn’t need to be– so when you do feel like you’ve failed, accept it, and move on. You
are not the only person to ever make a mistake or two!

For more on this topic, take a listen to my podcast, The Uncensored Self! It can be
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Emily Zizzadoro

Sacred Heart '22

Sacred Heart University, Class of 2022 College of Health Professions, Exercise Science Major/ Psychology Minor Chi Omega Fraternity, Recruitment Chair '21 & Director of Sisterhood '20 Host of The Uncensored Self Podcast
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