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Four Reasons Ultraviolet is the New Black 

This January Pantone Universe announced ultraviolet as it’s color of the year. During our long winter we may not have gotten the chance to try out the color, but with Spring in full swing and the weather finally getting warmer, what better time to utilize the vibrant and trendy color? Here’s four reasons you should incorporate ultraviolet into your spring wardrobe: 


1.The Sun is out and so is Black 


The Sun definitely took its time coming out in 2018, and while it was hiding we all got used to mourning its loss by wearing all black. Fortunately, it’s finally out and we are all here for it. Celebrating the sun’s radiance should be the only excuse you need to exchange your sad winter shades for more radiant colors into your repertoire 


2. Rihanna Endorses Ultraviolet 

In Rihanna’s collection for Fenty Puma by Rihanna we saw a few pops of ultraviolet in her line. To top it off she has also recently released an ultraviolet lipstick for her Fenty Beauty line, which she is sporting in the picture above paired with a killer ultraviolet coat. I think it’s safe to say Rihanna has been sporting this trend from the start, and if the queen of streetwear herself can incorporate ultraviolet into her life, we definitely want it in ours. 


3. Day Parties 

We all know that warm weather leads to darties, and darties lead to conjuring up your most fun and trendy outfits. Where we used to wait until sunset to showcase our all black ensembles at Johnny Utah’s, we are now putting on our best and brightest crop tops and denim skirts. There’s no better time than a fun day with your girlfriends to pull off this new shade. 


4. Ultraviolet is the new millennial pink 

The color ultraviolet was chosen not only because it is trending in the design world, but because it is reflective of progress and indicates hope for the future. The color ultraviolet is reflective of the stars and implies a higher ground of mindfulness and spirituality. In choosing this color, Pantone Universe is hopeful that our world is headed in a mindful and more peaceful direction.

Shannon Sweeney

Sacred Heart

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