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Five Florida Fails: The Spring Break Edition

This spring break, my friends Cassidy, Amanda, Erica and I took a trip to Orlando, Florida. Our plan was to spend three days in Disney World and one day in Orlando itself. However, knowing us, we figured something was bound to go wrong. Read on if you want to experience some severe secondhand embarrassment…

1. Flight Frustrations

Our problems began before our trip even started. Our flight there got canceled because of random super strong winds (just New England being wicked unpredictable as always). On top of that, our separate flights home were canceled due to snow. My new flight back to Boston was delayed SEVEN times for no particular reason whatsoever. It’s fine though, at least I made friends with a dad and some eavesdropping Southern women.


2. Hotel Hassles

We didn’t have room service so we had to leave a mildew-forming pile of towels in the bathtub. The hotel then forgot about our room change until somebody found us stranded in the hallway with all of our belongings. I guess that’s what you get when you stay in a hotel on Hilton points…


3. Transportation Troubles

It took nine hours (no exaggeration) to rent a car because my friend Cassidy could not convince them that she was 20+ so three different people had to check her ID. Later into the trip, we got into the wrong car because who would think to check the license plate? We also never remembered to turn on the front lights and then panicked whenever people flashed their high beams at us.


4. Run in with Random Snake Guy

“Want a picture with this snake?” some guy asked us on an Orlando sidewalk at night. Inside the nearest building, people told us that they call security on him daily. Apparently, he forces the snake onto people and then takes their phones when they won’t pay for the photo. Suffice to say, we decided to never leave the safety of Disney again.


5. A Family Feud over Concert Tickets

A few months back, my friend Erica’s mom entered a radio station contest by submitting an essay on Erica and then won Keith Urban concert tickets for it. However, Erica slept through all three 7 am calls that came one day during the trip. Naturally, I was blamed because I had been up a whole hour before everyone else just to apply sunscreen (pale person problems).


Apart from all this, the trip was pretty much pain-free and we are already planning next year’s vacation! Possibly a road trip after all of our flight troubles though . . .

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