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Everyone knows a good candid is hard to come by. My roommates and I have become obsessed with a new fad for Facebook. You know how getting a really good candid picture is always such a cool thing?  It’s pretty hard when no one can agree on a picture where we all look good. So, I stick to the fandids. (Fake-candids) My friends and I have mastered it. It’s all about laughing really hard at nothing while trying to look completely inconspicuous and cute at the same time. I know it sounds a bit crazy, but my sister and I have been doing it for years. The same old posed pictures get pretty boring. It looks so staged and smiles look too forced. Even if they go terribly wrong, it’s always hilarious when my friends try to coach each other through. It’s pretty easy, just look away from the camera and have some fun. Just laugh about literally nothing, that’s it! Grab your girl friend and loosen up in front of the lens. That awkward laugh starts to become a real one and the picture comes out perfect. The key is to pretend like the camera isn’t there and just let it happen! . Check out my bestie and I doing the Fandid!


Take my word for it; it’s a known secret between us girls. It’s corny, but cute. Plus, the right fandid can look so real no one can tell!  So, try it out the next time you hit the town and see if you can do the fandid. They make for perfect Facebook profile pictures or Instagram photos. Oh, and please try and avoid the drunken fandids, those are always a catastrophe!










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