The End of the Semester as Told By “Friends”

The end of the year is upon us. Thanksgiving Break, finals, and then Christmas- it all happens so fast. Here's a break down of all the emotions as told by the characters of "Friends", AKA our favorite and most relatable people.


Trying to make it through the last few days of class before Thanksgiving break:


When your professor tells you that you have two assignments and an exam the week you get back from thanksgiving break:


But, then you realize you get to see your friends from home in just a couple more days:


Going out with all your friends from home on Thanksgiving Eve (TGE):


Finally getting to eat plate(s) full of homemade Thanksgiving food:


Realizing at the end of Thanksgiving Break that there’s only three weeks until you'll be home again:


Checking your grades when you get back to campus after break and realizing how exceptional your final has to be to save your semester grade:


Running to you professor’s office begging for any work to gain extra points, even after they've repeatedly told the class there’s nothing they will do:


When you realize that you should crack down and study for final exams:


Listening to people gloat about having no finals:


When your professor tells your class the final exam will be cumulative:


Walking into class for the first time after break, and your professors show you how much work will be crammed in before Christmas break:


But, then you finally make it through all your assignments and exams and are back home in time for the holidays:


Honestly, it's a crazy time to be in college. But one that shouldn't be given up for the world.