The End of the School Year as Told by Kourtney Kardashian

As the school year ravels to a closure there are a few feelings that most of us share. The same thoughts are exchanged between one another and who better to explain how us students feel at the end of the semester than Queen Kourt K. 


1. Making it through a full year of school with only a few mental breakdowns.


2. The excitement that comes along with going home and finally being able to eat real home cooked meals, not whatever is the dining hall calls food.


3. The emotions that hit you when you realize the people who you just spent the past 8 months with won’t be breathing distance away. 

4. Hearing everyone talk about how they are going home tomorrow but you are stuck here until next week because you have a final on the last day.


5. Going to the library to get in that crunch time for final exams but suddenly the people next to you are using this as a way to catch up on one another's life. 


6. Studying your booty off but still being so afraid to take the final.


7. Walking out of that final and not even looking back because you are done with it forever. 

8. Getting your grades back and realizing you actually did very well this semester. 


9. Reminiscing on the year as a whole. 


10. But lastly, just being proud of yourself for how much you have learned and for all the personal growth you have made since August and of course for finishing yet another year of school